Hawk Family Website

last updated April, 2015

Hello all. Welcome to the Hawk family website. This was mainly set up to host the blog of Nick's cancer. There are a few pictures of the kids, and a bit about remembering Nicholas, and a bit about Lark and his projects. Here's what's going on with the kids as of spring, 2015:

Elizabeth is ten years old and in 5th grade. She is a very precocious girl who loves baking and watching the Food Network. She has a pretty incredible imagination.

Madeline is a sophomore at Blanchet High School. She finally got her braces off this year. She sings in the choir and enjoys photography.

Nicholas died on March 23rd, 2015, from causes unrelated to his childhood cancer. He was a wonderful boy, smart, funny, and kind. We are devestated by his loss.

That's about it. Check out pictures of cute kids and find out what's up with Stephanie and Lark by clicking on the buttons.