Nicholas' Page

On Monday, March 23rd, 2015, we lost our darling son and brother Nicholas. He was 17 years old. His death was unrelated to his early childhood cancer.

Nicholas was a wonderful boy, who was growing into a wonderful man. He loved his family, and doted on his sisters. He was a kind and caring kid, who looked out for his friends. He was a reserved kid. He said he wanted to "fly under the radar" at high school, and not be noticed. But among his close group of friends, he shared much and was always there to listen and offer good company.

Nicholas had a wry and sarcastic sense of humor, often delivering a hilarious deadpan look as a punchline. He joked easily with his family and friends, making us laugh all the time.

He was a responsible boy, working hard at school, home, and his job. He was in the National Honor Society, and took a difficult workload at school, with several AP courses and other advanced classes. He enjoyed computer programming, for which he had a natural gift and understood complex concepts intuitively. He had ambitions to one day work in the video game industry, making games.

He worked at Pizza Hut, answering the phones and running the cash register. He loved his job and looked forward to going to work. He enjoyed talking with his co-workers, sometimes hanging out for a half hour after his shift ended.

Like so many young men, Nick loved video games. His father works for Nintendo, and Nicholas received his first GameBoy at age 5 when he was hospitialized with lymphoma. Growing up, he was a huge fan of Pokemon, and enjoyed battling with his favorite Pokemon, Minun. As he got older, he became a fan of more mature games, and he loved playing online with his crew of friends. Many nights he would be up late, playing League of Legends with the gang, his laughter and trash talking drifting up from the basement.

With the money he got from his job, he bought computer parts and built his own gaming rig with his father.

Nick tried his hand at sports in high school, playing football his freshman year and running cross country his sophmore year. He was in band his freshman and sophomore year as well. But Nicholas's greatest enjoyment came from the school's Robotics team. He was on the robotics team for 3 years, since the team's inaguaral season. In the 2015 season, Nicholas was the lead on the drive system, building the frame for unique mecanum wheels. The team took second place at the Shorecrest PNW regional meet.

A few paragraphs can't sum up the wonderful person that Nick was, nor can they express the hole that is left in our lives by his loss. We miss you Nick, and we will always love you.