Lark's Page

Hello. I am Matthew "Lark" Hawk. I frequent a few web forums as L-Train8, so if you're looking for him, that's me. I am a network administrator at Nintendo Technology Development(NTD). NTD is the research and development department that made the GameCube. It is the best job in the world. I get to mess around with lots of interesting technology and occaisionally play games. The perks are numerous, ranging from Mariner's baseball tickets to a free game library to check out games.

The picture above is from a launch party for the GameBoy Advance SP. The company held a contest, and the top 5 craziest ideas won a GameBoy Advance SP. The catch was that you then had to act out your idea in front of the company on a Friday afternoon. Dave Valle, the former Mariner catcher and current Mariner broadcaster, was the host of the event. My idea was accepted and I won a GameBoy. I had to dress up as a GameBoy and sing a song that I had made up. I made the costume myself. For the song, I used an instrumental hit from the 50's, Red River Rock by Johnny and the Hurricanes, as my music and made up a bunch of GameBoy-related lyrics. The other finalists did things like shave their heads and paint their body parts the GameBoy colors, silver and blue. It looked like a bunch of crazed Dallas Cowboy fans. I took last place, but had a lot of fun and got a new GameBoy, so I can't complain. An added bonus is that most people in the company recognize me now.

Being a geek, and one who works at a video game company, inspired me to take on a project this year. I am building a MAME arcade machine. It is basically a full size arcade video game that can play many classic games like Pac Man and Donkey Kong. It is functional, if not finished. Lots of detail work needs to be done, but it works and is lots of fun.

Recently, a bunch of friends and I got together to build some potato cannons. The whole saga is over here. It was quite a fun time, until the man showed up.